Mission and Vision


• To direct the product variety and quality in the direction of consumer expectations and wishes,


• To act within the limits of applicable laws and to be at maximum level of sensitivity,


• Increasing employment, investing in people, educating our employees, ensuring job satisfaction and increasing motivation,


• To keep consumer satisfaction in the foreground,


• To provide production and distribution services at international standards, • To ensure the formation of corporate culture,


• To give importance to team work,


• It is the basic duty and responsibilities of our employees to produce their products in a cost-competitive manner and deliver them on time, to meet the demands of our consumers, and to ensure that our employees are fully aware of the constant improvement in their development and that they are doing their job correctly and accurately the first time.


We are constantly striving to offer our consumers new flavors and original products. You can guide us with your valuable suggestions and criticisms, help us to renew ourselves, to fulfill what you imagine, and to better adapt to your wishes.