About Us

Omak Gıda operates in Honey Snack, Cookie Fresh and Food Sector; honey and products, snack and honey snack products.


Omak Food; HATAY has a total area of ​​1.500 m2 including 1.000 m2 indoor area in Antakya.


Omak Food produces the quality of the raw materials, the employees' enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Hygienic conditions and using environmentally friendly advanced technology to produce life energy is reflected in the consumer.


Omak Food continues to work to increase the quality of its products to a wider group of consumers with increasing product variety, to advance in the sector with the right investments and to add happiness to your life.


Our target; To provide better quality and affordable products to our customers, to reach our products at every point of sale and to serve better than our competitors in this sense. We aim to be the greatest friend of our children, who are the assurance of you and our future, to continue our efforts to provide you the best tastes uninterruptedly and to grow even more in the field of production and marketing by reaching the most perfect with our Total Quality Management Philosophy.


It is the cornerstone of our understanding of working with all our employees, our business partners and our millions of valued consumers who are proud to serve and to give them little happiness and to connect them with their imagination. If we can keep our minds as a brand that "gives us a constant life energy and always increases its potential", then we can count ourselves as successful.